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IPhone 3G: Fragile screen, unstable 3G chip!

A million 3G iPhones sold during its launch?

Users, some of whom are members of Belgium-iPhone, have complaints of the screen and especially of defective pixels.

On the iPhone of first generation, this problem appeared very rarely. LiPhone 3G would he have suffered less quality control at the factory outlet on its components!Not impossible, remember this information of August 5 which reveals that the Foxconn company, producer of 3G, was subject to rates infernal. The fruit of this overproduction would it be impacted by a lower quality!?

Another debate, the 3G chip.It is especially in the USA that we critical firmly its reception quality, which lose its 3G connection and switch in Edge. Difficult to point with precision the fault, is it at Apple, is it at AT&T? At AT&T, it is said that the network is operational. For Nomura, a Japanese analysis firm, the fault would come from the 3G chip but also from the software that manages this component.

We discuss it on the forum.

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