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iPhone 2020: why we can expect 5nm chips?

Sharp wants to produce the OLED screens of the future iPhone

iphone xii iphone 12 iconClearly, rumors about the next Apple devices are going well at the moment, and we understand why, since the next keynote from Apple is approaching, and will present the new iPhone.

But in this article, we are going to go a little further, and look at 2020 phones and its components: many reports claim that the Cupertino phone will carry a 5nm chip.

Why such certainty? Our colleagues at 9To5Mac are trying to answer by gathering rumors and the latest statements from TSMC.

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The iPhone 12 of 2020 should have its A14 chip in 5nm

What change with a 5nm chip? You should know that currently, for its A12 chip, Apple uses 7nm: the smaller the chip, the more it will be a power concentrate and will affect the performance and energy of the device.

Last April, we learned that TSMC had taken a major step in its path towards 5 nm technology:

TSMC announced the finalization of the design of its 5nm chip infrastructure within its Open Innovation Platform (OIP). This release enables the design of 5nm systems-on-chip (SoC) in new generation devices, targeting the 5G and high-growth artificial intelligence markets.

Last month, it confirmed that it was preparing for the arrival of 5nm chips, without specifying whether they will be ready for integration in 2020, ie the iPhone 12 / XII.

But recently, the manufacturer told investors that it was on the right track for the production of 5 nm chips in the first half of next year, which would correspond perfectly to the calendar of Apple and its new phones, which are present during the month of September.

It is Digitimes who says that the CEO of the company made this statement during a meeting with investors:

Due to the high demand from certain large customers for 5G solutions, TSMC plans to spend more to develop its production capacity for 7nm and 5nm prints.

TSMC has become a little more aggressive regarding the acceleration of its 5nm production, which should be able to be produced on a large scale during the first half of 2020.

The A14 chip in iPhone 12 is on the right track.