iPhone 11R: the most realistic concept

iPhone 2020: OLED for everyone, no 5G on the R and new sizes

iphone xii iphone 12 iconHere is a new rumor to put to the credit of the prolific analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who sent a note concerning, not the iPhone 11, but the following range expected for 2020. Calls iPhone 12 (or 11S?), These iPhones would still be in number of three and would all pass the OLED. Information consistent with that previously leaked.

On the side of 5G, Apple would go there thanks to the partnership with Qualcomm but only two models will be entitled to it: the iPhone 12 and 12 Max. The iPhone 12R would not have this chance, leaving it a little lower in the range and in the prices.

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Concept iPhone 11R Hasan Kaymak

Two new iPhone sizes in 2020: 5.4 inches and 6.7 inches

The note relayed by the media tawanais provides that Apple passes new screen sizes. The successor to the iPhone XI would have a 5.4 inch panel (against 5.8 inches currently) and that of the XI Max would go 6.7 inches (against 6.5 inches). Enough to have a larger cart between the three models, the iPhone 12R remaining 6.1 inches. This would also allow people who want to have a smaller model to fall back on the 5.4 inch.

Kuo thinks that the 2020 camera will be equipped with 3D sensors on the back and that the Touch ID under the screen will appear.

Finally, the two high-end compatible with 5G will therefore be equipped by Qualcomm but also Samsung after Kuo.

Kuo believes that all new iPhones will be compatible with 5G from 2021. He also believes that Apple will have its own 5G modem ready by 2022 2023, which should reduce its dependence on Samsung and Qualcomm.

Good news has it all, right?

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