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iPhone 2019: reverse Qi charging, but no USB-C


Posted: March 27 2019
Updated: March 27, 2019

by Steve

The keynote ofApple Monday evening did not reassure many people. Except Apple Arcade, which is a real good idea, Apple News + and Apple TV + have clearly not convinced. Thus, fans of the apple brand place their last hopes in an iPhone XI of madness, which should be announced around September, as every year. And according to Macotakara, famous Japanese site, there is good and bad news.

iphone xi triple sensor prototype - iPhone 2019: reverse Qi charging, but no USB-C

We start with the good news. The next iPhone should have the reverse Qi charge. Kézako? This reverse Qi charge would make your iPhone a real charging station: by placing your AirPods 2 directly on it, their battery could recharge as if they were on the AirPower. The functionality is already available from the competition: the Galaxy S10, for example, has it. A small revolution at Apple, even if this type of charge is only used for troubleshooting.

And now the bad news. As you reported World is Small a few weeks ago, the iPhone XI should not have USB-C. The Cupertino company would have chosen to keep its good old Lightning port for 2019. An astonishing choice when all the competition got involved. On the other hand, Apple could include an 18W USB-C charger, instead of the 5W USB-A charges. Towards rapid recharging?