iPhone 2019: finished the LCD, soon Oled for all?

Image 1 : iPhone 2019 : fini le LCD, bientôt de l'Oled pour tous ?

Image 1: iPhone 2019: finished the LCD, soon Oled for all?

Apple is looking to remove LCD screens from its iPhone line-up. According to a Wall Street Journal article, the successor to the iPhone XR would be the last to benefit from this technology.

The switch to OLED offers more opportunities to designers. Today, we see that the borders of the XR are much wider. The apple brand is considering several avenues with a view to suggest something else than the rectangular slab. In recent times, we have noticed projects such as hover gestures or the adoption of curves.

An upheaval in the economy

Many manufacturers have abandoned the LCD screen for some time. It requires an autonomous lighting system. On the other hand, the pixels of an OLED panel are individually lit, designers can then adopt a much more irregular shape. In this context, the design of the iPhone 2020s would constitute a break. This year’s phones would benefit from a slight modification.

The suppliers of LCD screens are affected by the evolution of the sector, they must find new sources of income. According to the Wall Street Journal, Japan Display is now in trouble. The company relies heavily on orders from Apple. Wearing, the iPhone XR did not have the expected success.

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