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iPhone 2019: A13 chip will be produced in a few weeks


Posted: April 18, 2019
Updated: April 16, 2019

by Steve

The next iPhone unleash passions! The apple phone is eagerly awaited by the tech world. Everyone wonders what will integrate the next flagship of the Cupertino company. For now, we expect a return from the port Lightning, but to three new, smaller slab sizes. What would prove perhaps a disappearance of the notch, in order to have a larger screen. But there is a component that we are certain of its presence: the processor A13.

iphone chips - iPhone 2019: the A13 chip will be produced in a few weeks

According to the Commercial Times, a site still very well informed, TSMC, the chip manufacturer on which Apple systematically relies, is preparing to initiate the 7nm engraving of the processor within the next few weeks. The company will use EUV technology, otherwise known as “extreme ultraviolet lithography”. For very small components. TSMC will also use the N7 + process for the Kirin 985 processor that will equip Huawei phones. Apple will take advantage of the N7 Pro, an improved version.

For the moment, we do not know the technical details of the A13 chip. But it is certain that it will be much more powerful than the A12, itself much more powerful than the A11. The new iPhone will be marketed in September, and should include less than 5 models: three successors to the iPhone XS and XR, and two with much better cameras.