iPhone 13: Apple has finally found how to reduce the size of the notch

Apple has finally decided to offer the iPhone 13 with a reduced size notch. Apple is the latest manufacturer to offer this type of compromise due to particularly advanced facial recognition sensors.

iPhone 13

A report from the specialized site DigiTimes (taken over by BGR) confirms the arrival of a smaller notch on the iPhone 13. Apple offers a notch since the iPhone X. If the joke is that “Steve Jobs would never have let this go” it should be noted that the iPhones have since retained a leadership with the most secure and advanced facial recognition system on the market. Google did try to compete on the Pixel 4 by adding a Soli sensor – but the manufacturer preferred to abandon the technology in the next generation for reasons that are not yet clear.

However, the problem is that it is this set of sensors which constrains the size of this notch. And so far, Apple has failed to reduce its screen footprint, despite slight technical improvements with each new generation. However, it seems that Apple has succeeded in upgrading its Face ID sensors to a real “V2”.. This set would be significantly more picked up towards the middle at the top of the screen, where it would be nested with the speaker and the selfie sensor.

Leaker Jon Prosser believes that this notch will not be really thinner, but simply more discreet, taking up less space in width. In addition, we learn that all models should next year should carry a LiDAR sensor. This type of sensor is currently reserved for some of the most premium models of the firm. In particular the latest iPad Pro or the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The only real plus of the Pro models in the photo would be a more powerful telephoto lens.

With this sensor, the manufacture of which would be entrusted to II-VI Incorporated, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini would benefit from better depth detection, especially in portrait mode. They would also help Apple push virtual reality apps to its smartphones. It remains to be seen whether we will finally be entitled to a more discreet notch on the iPhone 13: the thinner notch has been announced for several years without this materializing. We also note that despite this almost anachronism (since all the competition has not made a notch for years) Apple is breaking sales records with the iPhone 12.

Source: BGR