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IPhone 12: wireless charging does not work properly, Apple promises a fix

Some iPhone 12s are having an issue with QI wireless charging. With some QI chargers, the battery of smartphones suddenly stops charging, testimonials say. To correct the situation, Apple is currently working on a fix.

iphone 12

The iPhone 12’s battery can be recharged in three different ways. First, users can opt for wired charging through the Lightning port. Unlike previous iPhones, the iPhone 12 is also compatible with wireless charging via MagSafe, a magnetic charger. Inspired by the old MagSafe of Macs, this charger allows to keep in place charging supports, card holders or protective cases thanks to magnets located in the iPhone, and to simplify the operation of induction charging . Unfortunately, the MagSafe charger accumulates the bugs. Testimonies mention in particular a disturbance of the sound during recharging.

Finally, the iPhone 12 are also compatible with QI induction charging, like most Android smartphones on the market. But according to the testimonies of many users, QI wireless charging does not work correctly on the iPhone 12, report our colleagues from 9to5Mac.

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Apple will include a patch in the next iOS update

Overnight, it stopped charging on my charging base. It still worked on the other two mats. Later in the day, it stopped charging on the second. Then when I tried the third cradle, it had also stopped charging! ” explains Ben Lovejoy, editor at 9to5Mac. On our side, we did not notice anything on our iPhone 12 Pro Max. The bug is probably confined to certain models.

Alerted by several dissatisfied buyers, Apple is currently working on a fix for this bug.. A 9To5Mac reader has indeed spoken to the brand customer service regarding the issues of IQ charging. “We are working on it and it will be resolved in the next few days” customer service responded. Under these conditions, we can expect that the Cupertino company will integrate the patch in the next update of iOS, namely iOS 14.3.

Source: 9To5Mac