And if Apple released four iPhone 12 (Pro)?

iPhone 12: sizes from 5.4 to 6.7 inches and premium OLED screen

iphone 12 iconThe iPhone 12 and its cousins, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max remake talk about them, or more precisely their notches. It was known that Apple was going to change the size of two of the three models to mark greater differentiation. Thus the iPhone 12 Pro will go down from 5.8 to 5.4 inches, when the "Max" will climb 6.5 to 6.7 inches. The iPhone 12 remaining 6.1 inches but enjoying an OLED slab.

Precisely, the new information concerns the OLED versions "Pro".

iphone 12 pro rendering geskin without notch 1

A new generation OLED slab for the iPhone 12 Pro

The three iPhones 2020 will normally be equipped with OLED notches, but with two distinct ranges. The two flagship models would have advanced display technology, which would result in thinner notches, and a gain in energy consumption and probably in quality display (contrast, brightness, colors).

On after ETNews, Samsung will always be the supplier of OLED tiles. With Y-OCTA technology, Samsung would offer thinner slabs by removing the touch layer currently dissociated from the screen itself. This new technology would have flexible panels to the touch. In addition to increased finesse, Apple will also gain in production costs because the component is less expensive than the two spars.

Despite all, the "bad" news is that only Samsung is able to provide high-end notches. Apple has tried to expand its suppliers on this sector with LG, but the new process is controlled only by Samsung Display. In addition, the coren would drastically lower prices to push Apple sign.

As a result, only the basic iPhone 12 would have an OLED slab like that of the iPhone 11 Pro, produced both by Samsung and LG.

For the rest, we remind you that the iPhone 12 will inaugurate a new design, a 3D camera back (ToF), a small notch, a notch 120 Hz and reverse charging, among others. Not to mention the 5G, obviously.