iPhone 12: rendering of the new sizes of the 2020 models

iPhone 12: rendering of the new sizes of the 2020 models

iphone xii iphone 12 iconIf the iPhone XI and its two brothers are already widely known, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo often very well informed has revived the rumors about the iPhone of 2020. If there is no doubt that Apple is preparing a 5G model, in However the novelty could be in the size of the different models of iPhone 12. According to him, the three models would be a little more differentiated by a smaller size for the iPhone XII, and a larger one for the iPhone XII Max, then that the iPhone XII R would remain 6.1 inches.

Neither one nor two, Benjamin Geskin, also very knowledgeable about Apple products, has published a comparative report to get an idea of ​​the passage of the 5.8 inch 5.4 inch, ditto for the 6.5 inch which would pass 6, 7 inches on the Max version.

IPhone 12 renderings

Here is the comparison in pictures of the iPhone 2020 with the iPhone 2018:

iphone xii 2020 comparative size geskin 2

And a rendering of the iPhone 12 of 2020 before and back (with reduced notch)

iphone xii 2020 geskin size comparison

The technical sheet of the iPhone 12

According to the most insistent and credible rumors, the 2020 version of the iPhone XR would therefore remain on a screen size of 6.1 inches, but the LCD would give way to the OLED. The other models would however change dimensions to have a more compact iPhone and another larger one.

Among the other new features, there is a well reduced notch like Galaxy S10 (a punch), a 5G chip on the XII and XII Max, as well as a USB-C port. In addition, the rear camera which will be taken from the iPhone XI could accommodate an additional 3D sensor.

Are you ready for a more compact iPhone 12 or a larger 12 Max?