iPhone 12 Mini: its first sales figures are bad

Apple launched in October its new range of smartphones made up of four products: the iPhone 12. The first sales figures delivered by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) are generally good. However, those of the iPhone 12 Mini disappoint.

iPhone 12 Mini

It is time to take the first assessment for the iPhone 12. The CIRP firm has indeed analyzed the US sales of the new range of Apple smartphones at least October and November 2020. It is delivering today its results. The latest Cupertino brand products rhyme with success. Nevertheless, we realize that the iPhone 12 Mini does not benefit from it.

Over these first months of marketing, CIRP indicates that 76% of iPhones sold in stores are new products (from the 12 range). An excellent score. By way of comparison, the iPhone 11 represented 69% of sales in September 2019. But this figure should be put into perspective, since the marketing of the iPhone 12 range was done in two stages, unlike that of the iPhone 11.

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We note that it is the classic iPhone 12 that is the most popular of the range. The “basic” phone from the Apple catalog indeed represents 27% of sales over these two months. The more expensive Pro and Pro Max models are also very popular, combining 20% ​​of terminal sales.

iPhone 12 Sales

The iPhone 12 Mini competes with the iPhone 11

On the other hand, life is a little less rosy for the iPhone 12 Mini. The small 5.2 inch phone only represents 6% of sales. That’s not much, especially for a product that relied on its originality, namely its small size. However, the firm explains that it is not its format that is to be pointed out, but the fact that the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11, still sold, are slightly cheaper than the Mini and therefore attract more consumers.

With this model, Apple hoped to win over some consumers demanding the return of small screens. If the smartphone is good on its own, however, its format is no longer suitable in 2021, as we noted in our test. We only have the first figures there and it will still take a few months to determine a real trend in the popularity of these new iPhones.