IPhone 12: analysts expect sales to explode in 2021

With the iPhone 12, Wedbush analysts expect a new level of sales. According to the latter, Apple could explode the sales record for the iPhone 6. The return to an iconic design and 5G features seem to be the winning recipe for boosting sales.

iPhone 12
Credit: Martin Sanchez via Unsplash

According to Wedbush’s latest checks in the iPhone 12 supply chain, demand would exceed analysts’ wildest expectations. “Apple has never experienced a post-launch bullish trend like this for many years”, explains Daniel Ives, Wedbush analyst. Who adds that the only point of comparison is the launch of the iPhone 6 in 2014. And again, it seems that the firm is well on its way to explode this previous record.

Wedbush explains: “In recent days our teams in Asia have been conducting audits of the iPhone supply chain. It turns out that [la demande en composants] around the iPhone 12 5G is incrementally bullish, to the point that at this point we have even passed the most bullish scenario in terms of units in fiscal year 2021 taking into account the current trajectory“. The analyst estimates at this stage the volume at 95 million iPhone 12s – a level 35% higher than Wedbush’s production forecast for the smartphone lineup at this point in the year.

In all, Wedbush estimates that Apple could sell more than 240 million units – even 250 million – iPhone 12 by the end of 2021. The previous record held by the iPhone 6 was “only” 231 million units sold at the end of 2015. These positive figures advise the analyst to buy Apple shares, whose capitalization should necessarily increase because of this virtuous circle. Apple stock (AAPL) was trading for $ 128.70 at the time of this writing. Wedbush believes that if sales are confirmed, the unit price per share could rise to 200 dollars or even higher.

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Overall, this already seems to show the strength of the shift to a new mobile connectivity technology like 5G for manufacturers. The winning formula of these iPhones is indeed, in addition to the improvements that we find each year (better photo sensors, better chip), the arrival of 5G connectivity and a new design that draws its inspiration from one of the The most popular designs of the brand, the one introduced with the iPhone 4S and improved up to the iPhone 5S / SE 1st generation.

Source: Apple Insider