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iPhone 12: an unpleasant bug disconnects 4G and 5G on some units

A new bug targets early iPhone 12 users: 4G and 5G disconnect unexpectedly, forcing the user to briefly switch to airplane mode or restart the smartphone.

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It is common in the first months of the release of a smartphone, or any other high-tech object, that technical problems arise. Of course, firms like Apple carry out a battery of tests before a product is released. But nothing replaces the diversity of experiences and use cases after release.e.

Recently, we have seen a series of more or less serious problems appear with the first units of the PS5 or even the Xbox Series X. In general, all these problems can be solved easily, with a simple software update. Sometimes, however, there are more serious hardware problems, which can force a manufacturer to recall a device.

Some iPhone 12 disconnects for no reason from the 5G and 4G network

This is particularly what happened with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which was struck by a design problem around the battery, causing fire to start. A part the first iPhone 12 seem to be affected by a bug affecting their 4G and 5G connection. A user explains the problem on the Apple forums:

“I received my iPhone 12 Pro on Friday. Activation on Saturday. Sunday I drove for 10 minutes. When I arrived at my destination I no longer had a network. With in the middle of the screen a message in a gray dialog box: ‘your iPhone has not been activated’, says one of the users affected by the problem. And to continue: “The only way to reconnect was tobriefly activate airplane mode“.

JoxesCA explains the steps he took to try to resolve the issue: “The iPhone had the cellular connection mode set to 5G Auto. I switched to 4G to repeat the test. Same result. So I reset the network settings, but the problem was still there ”.

“So I reset the iPhone, setting it up as a new smartphone and reinstalling everything manually without going through a backup. But the problem was still there ”. JasonCA then recounts that he retraced his steps to find with the car the exact spot where he had lost the connection.

“It seems like something happened with the phone when I reached an area covered by another antenna. I called my carrier and they told me everything was fine on their end, and that I have the correct SIM card for a 5G device. I called the Apple after-sales service and they remotely installed two profiles: Baseband and Telephony Logging and CFNetwork Diagnostics, details the user.

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Despite all these steps, the problem is still not resolved. The concern is nevertheless now in the hands of Apple engineers who should, we hope, quickly offer a solution. According to posts on the Apple forums and on Reddit, the problem appears to be quite widespread.

Source: Apple Forums