iPhone 12: a concept reveals a quadruple photo sensor

iPhone 12: a concept reveals a quadruple photo sensor

The whole encircled in a round and not square base.

What if Apple opted for a quadruple photo sensor for its next iPhone? A possibility that would remain in line with the multiplication of the number of cameras on board the iPhone in recent years. However, the rumor does not appear yet? go in that direction.

So far, predictions for iPhone 12 have focused on its format, indicating that it would look more like iPhone 4 with sharper edges. As for its back sensor, the next Apple smartphone would once again present a triple back photo sensor. unless Apple reserves a surprise for its customers.

Photo: @kms_tagram

The proliferation of photo sensors is the new trend. Nokia also offers 5 on its 9 PureView smartphone, so why not 4 on the iPhone 12. This remains to be seen.

As for the rounded base, why not, but it is quite difficult to imagine that the Apple is already drawing a line on its square base introduced this year.

The concept imagined by Apple fresh none the less pretty, especially its turquoise color. As every year, we can expect an increase in the number of diPhone concepts in the coming months, as the rumors strengthen or as new ones appear.