iPhone 12, 11, XS, SE …: a bug in iOS 14 blocks notifications of received messages

Many iPhone models, including the iPhone 12, 11, XS or SE, have had a problem with notifications since installing the update to iOS 14. Reportedly, a bug is blocking the appearance of notifications linked to messages received. Workarounds exist while waiting for Apple to deploy a fix.

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Remember: a few weeks ago, we reported that an annoying bug was preventing iPhone 12s from receiving notifications for certain text messages. Despite the patch built into the iOS 14.2.1 update, many users continue to stop receiving notification when an iMessage or SMS is received.

In view of the many testimonies that have appeared on the web in recent days, this bug is not confined to iPhone 12, report our colleagues from The Verge. “Text / vibration notifications not working in silent mode with lock screen in iOS 14 on my iPhone 11 Pro Max” testifies a user on the official Apple forum.

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A fix for the iOS 14.4 update?

Most testimonials point to iOS 14, the last major update to the mobile OS. All affected iPhones have installed the update in the past few weeks. According to some Internet users, the bugs particularly affect messages received in a pinned conversation (an option that appeared with iOS 14). In view of the many feedbacks, this bug affects a large part of iPhone users. However, we didn’t notice anything abnormal on our iPhone 12 Pro Max (running iOS 14.3 in beta) or our iPhone X (running iOS 14.2).

Several testimonies highlight workarounds. For example, some testimonials advise you to disable the Messages app on Mac, close the app after sending a message, or delete and re-add your contact. These tips help prevent notifications from appearing.

It is very likely that Apple is already aware of the malfunctions encountered by iPhones. It is expected that the firm integrates a fix in a future update of iOS. According to The Verge, no dedicated fix for this bug is present in the iOS 14.3 update, whose final rollout will begin next week. Maybe for iOS 14.4? We’ll tell you more as soon as possible.

Source: The Verge