iPhone 11R: the most realistic concept

iPhone 11R: the most realistic concept

iphone 11 r iconThis is undoubtedly the most realistic iPhone 11 R. This new concept imagines the sequel to the iPhone XR which "saved" Apple for the telephone part. It was again the German Hasan Kaymak who used himself and who also owes a superb iPhone XI.

This time, the designer has therefore concentrated his efforts on the mid-range 2019 which is expected to have a double rear photo lens in a block similar to that of the iPhone 11. As usual, the result calls for no criticism with the few new products expected while keeping the current style.

iphone 11 r concept ios 13

LiPhone 11 R / XI R ultimate?

As on the 2018 models, the new iPhone 11 R is a mixture of glass and metal. Hasan declined five colors but did not follow rumors that announced the colors lavender and mint green. We will have to be satisfied with black, silver, red, orange and white. The whole is rather lively and punchy.

On the notch, if the notch is still there, true to the position, the borders around the LCD have been refined. This was one of the criticisms of the iPhone XR, Hasan takes the lead and refines it like on an iPhone X or XS. Apple could do it, but since it plans to keep the LCD IPS technology, we imagine that we will have to settle for the same screen as last year.

The big plus of this year, it is the case to say, should be put to the credit of the rear photo block. Housed in an imposing square module, the photo objectives are doubled here, going from one to two, to have a telephoto lens in addition to the conventional sensor. Portrait mode will be better controlled and the optical zoom will keep all the details of the image.

Finally, the small adjustments of the designer like the buttons the color of the glass make their small effect. We hope that Apple will however reserve more than that for its future iPhone 11 R.