iPhone 11R: the most realistic concept

iPhone 11 / XI R: release, price and possible innovations

iphone xr iconBesides the iPhone XI and its Max version, Apple will release in a few weeks the succession of the iPhone XR with the iPhone XI R, also called iPhone 11 R. There is no doubt about it, in particular by the popularity of the latter which is best-selling iPhone in the past six months.

This is the perfect time to take stock of what Apple has in store for us, which seems to have anticipated a timid development in 2019, despite competitors who are innovating like Samsung or Hauwei.

EDIT : Apple seems to be moving towards the name iPhone 11 for the next "R", and iPhone 11 Pro for the others.EDIT of 09/10/19: Apple has formalized the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

iphone 11 r concept ios 13

DiPhone XIR 2019 concept. Credit: Hasan Kaymak

LiPhone XI R: the expected new features

Probable new features of the iPhone 11 R / XIR

To begin with, the most certain new feature concerns the rear camera. The iPhone XIR will not have the triple photo sensor of classic iPhone 11 but a double sensor in the same square block. The layout would be revised to put the right flash of the two lenses. We will be entitled to a lens and a basic sensor, as on the iPhone X and XS. This new feature would make it possible to have a true Portrait mode, and no longer an AI-mule function, but also to offer an x2 optical zoom so as not to lose quality.

In addition to the photo, Apple is also working on autonomy and wants to improve the capabilities of the most enduring iPhone. Yes, the battery should be enlarged a little more, just to easily keep more than two days in normal use. It should also allow a quick recharge of 15 W.

In terms of the notch, the apple has provided a new Taptic engine to permanently replace the 3D Touch with localized vibrations of the famous Haptic Touch. At the top, the second version of Face ID, faster and more reliable, should appear. But we don't think Apple will reduce the size of the notch, it should do so in 2020.

As for software, the iPhone XI R will obviously benefit from iOS 13 and its 200 new features.

Last new act, colors. We had talked about lavender and mint green colors a few months ago, all reinforced by a house concept widely used on the net:

iphone xr - xir rendering: 2019 v2 color with dual photo sensor

Less Likely New Features of the iPhone 11 R / XIR

But on the side of the a little less certain novelties, there is the reverse recharge which would allow to share its battery with a friend or to recharge its Watch or its AirPods. Ditto for the 120 Hz screen like iPad Pro, Apple could only put it on the iPhone 11 and add it in 2020 on the iPhone XII R.

There was also talk of a screen usable underwater to allow its use even in the rain or a USB-C port, but all this is only unlikely for this year. Big changes like 5G, 3D photo back or reduced notch are only planned for the iPhone 12 in 2020.

What release date for iPhone XI R / 11 R?

According to our information, the iPhone XIR keynote (and other models) is planned for the September 10. This means that pre-orders will be released the following Friday, September 13, and that marketing will be scheduled for September 20.

Apple keeps the same pace every year. In 2018, the iPhone XR was released in September, as was the iPhone XS. The year before, it was the iPhone 8 in September and the iPhone X in late October for production reasons. It was the only exception in the Apple calendar since the iPhone 4.

Price of the iPhone XIR 2019

Apple struggled to sink its iPhone 2018, including the iPhone XS. Even if it did well, the iPhone XR has been the subject of numerous takeover offers and promotions, everywhere. This is the first time that we have found so many discounts on the iPhone, so early in the year.

As a result, Apple has certainly worked on its price grid so as not to suffer the same disappointment in 2019 / 2020. We are looking for an iPhone XIR 749 in 64 GB. And an iPhone XI R 819 in 128 GB version.

Are you waiting for the iPhone XI R to offer it to you? Or rather the iPhone XII R / 12 R of 2020 with 5G and the reduced notch or even under the screen? There would even be an iPhone SE 2 in the boxes with the Touch ID under the screen …