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iPhone 11 / XI: date, price and possible new products

The triple camera of the iPhone 11 on the iPad Pro 2019?

iphone xi 2018 iconWe are getting closer. The iPhone XI or iPhone 11 will be out in a few months and as often, we already know a lot about it.

This is the perfect time to take stock of what Apple has in store for us, which had initially planned a timid development in 2019, before changing its mind partly because of competitors who innovate like Samsung or Hauwei.

We’ll take a tour of the new iPhone 11 announcements of 2019, from the most reliable to the most unlikely.

Updated 07/15/19 with the latest information.
Update 08/16/19:
Apple to name the next iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max models.
08/23/19 update:
Here is a technical sheet of the iPhone 11.
10/09/19 update:
Apple has formalized the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

iphone 11 max concept hasan kaymak 1

DiPhone XI 2019 concept. Credit: Hasan Kaymak

LiPhone 11 / XI: the expected new features

The iPhone 11 / XI will have …

  • A triple rear photo sensor, at least on the iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max. The last article on this subject dates from this week. Apple could magnify the bump to include a more consequent zoom and a wide-angle sensor. In addition, the third lens could serve as a super wide angle. According to the latest data, Apple has provided Smart Frame, a new function that takes advantage of this additional sensor. It keeps the surrounding areas around for a time around a photo or video. This then allows you to better crop your shots comfortably.
    On the iPhone XIR, Apple would have provided only two sensors but in the same square block.
  • A refined design notably thanks to a new generation OLED panel, thinner and less energy-consuming. Certainly with straighter edges, like the latest iPad Pro 2018. But will Apple change the chassis or take the opportunity to enlarge the battery.
  • A new Taptic engine that will allow you to go further on the 3D Touch with localized vibrations. According to the latest rumor, it would be called Leap Haptics.
  • The second version of Face ID, faster and more reliable.
  • A more substantial battery to allow reverse charging, like the last Galaxy S10.
  • A 15W fast recharge by induction, to finally save time. Some even make 45W or more.
  • A screen that can be used underwater to allow it to be used even in the rain.
  • A new motherboard in a more conventional rectangular format.
  • iOS 13 : it is an Apr fact and the novelties are already widely known
  • Several variants? There are rumors that Apple is planning to release 5 models in 2019.
  • The Apple Pencil support, the information was not hammered but it is possible.

LiPhone 11 / XI will not …

  • A 120 Hz notch like iPad Pro to streamline the display, especially in games. The most recent rumors go in this direction, despite the first encouraging news.
  • A USB-C port, almost everyone agrees on it.
  • A reduced notch, like some competitors.
  • A fingerprint sensor under the screen on one of three models.
  • 5G compatibility, it will be necessary to wait until 2020, and again …
  • a folding notch, here too it will take at least a year.

We have toured the expected news, we will update the article as we go along.

Release date: when will the new iPhone XI / 11 be released?

According to our latest information, the iPhone XI keynote is scheduled for September 10, so we can expect a launch of the pre-orders on Friday, September 13 and marketing for September 20. In any case, the iPhone XS was released in September 2018, just like the iPhone XR. The year before, it was the iPhone 8 in September and the iPhone X in late October for production reasons. It was the only time that Apple has deviated from its September fixed release plan since the iPhone 4 which was released in June.

Price of the iPhone XR 2019

Apple struggled to sink its iPhone XS and iPhone XR. It had to lower prices several times to sell better in certain regions such as Asia. Even in Europe, take-back programs and various offers have flourished like never before;

Suddenly, Apple will have to revise its price list. We look for an iPhone XI 999 in 64 GB and an iPhone XIR 749 in 64 GB.

Are you waiting for the iPhone XI to offer it to you? Or rather the iPhone XII / 12 of 2020 with 5G and the reduced notch or even under the screen?