iPhone 11 / XI: a realistic concept that makes you want

iPhone 11 / XI: a realistic concept that makes you want

iphone xi 2018 iconAfter rumors in shambles, here is a new concept of iPhone 11, model planned for the return in 2019. Like the previous one, it is based on the most insistent rumors and information.

Unsurprisingly, the iPhone XI is adorned with a more square design, like the iPad Pro 2018, like a triple rear camera, a much faster Face ID 2, reverse charging, USB-C , not to mention the A13 chip, a guarantee of even greater power. And that's not all, there are some good ideas.

concept iphone 11 xi pretty super

An iPhone 11 concept with ideas and style

Admire the work of the designer who offers an iPhone with some iPhone 4 codes (flat slices, postions buttons) but actualiss and especially with innovation.

For example, the rear camera of 14 megapixels and its three sensors would also be equipped with a ToF sensor to go further in the reality increases, as what is on the front of iPhone X and XS / XR. There is also a flash surrounding the triple objectives, superb and well thought.

In the new radius, this concept also offers a new 3D Touch based on a revised haptic engine that can precisely target the area that must vibrate, the reverse charge to share its battery and a charging solution for the remote iPhone. True wireless. And to complete the set, the iPhone 2019 would be able to be used under water.

On the side of iOS 13, we find the invitable – and yet still absent – night mode.

Finally, the iPhone XI could arrive in four colors with the models gold, red, silver and gray sidral.

Apple is expected to present a very similar iPhone XI next September. If all is there, the apple will forget the debacle of 2018.

You would like to find the design of the iPhone "dishes" as the series of 4 / 4S / 5 / 5S / SE? The latter could return to fashion if all this is confirmed.