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iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro: which one to choose?

Apple will release its future iPhone 11 and Pro on September 20! Suffice to say that the new generation has never been so close. But if you plan to buy one, the question you probably ask yourself is: which one to take? World is Small gives you an update on the main differences between the two models.

Recall the basic prices of the two models: 809 euros for the iPhone 11, 1159 euros for the iPhone 11 Pro (1259 euros for the Max).

The iPhone 11 has a 6.1-inch LCD screen, while the iPhone 11 Pro has a 5.8-inch OLED screen (6.5 for the Pro Max). On paper, an OLED screen is much brighter, a little more colorful and uses less battery. But with the naked eye, the difference is not as noticeable as that! Does OLED justify the 300 euros difference? Nothing is less sure.

The iPhone 11 has two photo sensors, including a very wide angle. No telephoto lens, so say goodbye to the powerful zoom. The iPhone 11 Pro has three sensors including the very wide angle and the telephoto lens. Advantage for the Pro, but again, the real revolution comes from the very wide angle – available on both models.

In terms of design, the iPhone 11 offers more colors (purple, pale green, yellow, white, black and red) than the iPhone 11 Pro (silver, space gray, night green and gold). The iPhone 11 has a shiny back and a matte photo module. It’s the opposite for the Pro. Strangely, the shiny back is more “bling-bling” than the mat. So it’s a matter of taste and color. At premium price, premium finish for the iPhone 11 Pro…

Besides, everything is similar on the two iPhones. Will you put 300 euros more for a more premium design, a telephoto lens and an OLED screen?