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iPhone 11: update on Lightning port, photo & Taptic Engine

Logical successors to last year’s iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, Apple will launch three modelsiPhone 11 in autumn. These new iPhone XI will logically have the Apple chip A13, known internally under code name Cebu. Sources who could see the devices, the three models of iPhone 11 will always have a port Lightning, and not a USB-C port like what some rumors could announce.

These iPhone XIs are called D42 (iPhone12.3) for the replacement for the iPhone XS, D43 (iPhone12.5) for the successor to iPhone XS Max and N104 (iPhone12.1) for the replacement for the iPhone XR. . The D42 and D43 models will have a 3 x OLED Retina screen, while the N104 will always have a 2x Liquid Retina panel. The three iPhone 11s will have the same screen resolution as their predecessors.

Some info on the Taptic Engine of the iPhone 11

This year’s models will also feature a new type of Taptic Engine, codenamed leap haptics. The features that this new engine will offer are not yet known at this stage, but it is possible that it will be oriented towards improving Haptic Touch, because the new devices will not offer 3D Touch as we know it today. hui.

Apple has not been able to include the 3D Touch in any of its iPads since its launch with the iPhone 6S. As a reminder, iOS 13 brings Haptic Touch – which requires a slightly longer press – on all devices, including iPad and iPod Touch. The changes made by iOS 13 and the hardware improvements planned for this year’s devices should make it possible to remove the 3D Touch without disturbing users who are used to it.

And the cameras of the iPhone XI?

The two smartphones that will replace the iPhone XS will have three cameras in the rear in square format. According to 9to5Mac, they are very similar to the many models that circulate on the canvas. The remaining space would be occupied by a camera capable of capturing a wide angle image.

In addition to being used to bring creativity to images and videos, this iPhone 11 wide-angle camera will come with functionality Smart frame, which captures the area around the one that appears on the screen to allow the user to make major adjustments in postproduction. Finally, the front camera of the iPhone 11 will also be improved, which will make it possible to support the recording of videos in slow motion at 120 frames per second.