iPhone 11 Pro Max: it takes a ball, but stays on

iPhone 11 Pro Max: it takes a ball, but stays on

iphone 11 pro iconMs. in the field of technology, there seem to be miracles, as is the case today: a photo was published in the Internet, showing the latest smartphone Apple in action, the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Finally, when I say action, it is rather in a bad position, since we see the Apple phone with a bullet impact in the screen …

Little chance of getting out, will you say? And yet, the smartphone is still running!

iphone11 pro max ball

An iPhone 11 Pro Max works after getting a ball

An accident accident occurred recently, and one of the last phone Apple has played its role of guardian angel: indeed, an iPhone 11 Pro Max was pierced by a lost ball, and the photo was found on Reddit forums.

The most surprising is that on the clich, we see that the AMOLED screen is still active, because the ball would not touch anything vital, like the battery. The photo was published by an Apple technician, without the owner of the camera gives a real version of what happened, except that he spoke of a lost ball.

The technician adds:

The client had all the right to claim compensation after this accident. Apparently, he was having a party and was hit by a stray bullet. They started shooting at him and his phone was in his hand when the bullet went through. Either it's the real story or he used to shoot a target.

Drle of feast …