iPhone 11 / Pro: Apple organizes a night photo contest

New year, new iPhone photo contest. On the principle of what it had done last year, Apple is launching a competition for the owners of an iPhone 11, 11Pro or 11Pro Max.

Crédits: Aundre Larrow and Jude Allen

They will have to use the night mode of these phones to take their photos and submit them to the jury constituted by Apple. The deadline is January 29 and the results will be announced around March 4. You must be at least 18 years old to participate.

The images can be submitted raw or said with the Photos application of iOS or even that of a third-party editor. Depending on the type of modifications made, it will be necessary to specify the nature of the filter and to be able to produce the original image. No hardware accessories are tolerated.

The image can be sent by email or published on Twitter, Instagram and Weibo with ad-hoc hashtags indicating your participation (full rules).

5 photos will be retained and then used as a communication medium in AppleStores, on outdoor displays and other media. Unlike last year, Apple spares itself a controversy by stating at the outset that the winners will be paid. Apple will be free to use these images for its marketing and photographers will also retain the rights to their photos.

10 people make up the jury, photographers (Malin Fezehai, Jon McCormack, Tyler Mitchell, Sarah M Lee, Alexvi Li and Darren Soh) as well as four people from Apple including Phil Schiller, himself a great lover of photography alongside his product marketing boss cap.