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iPhone 11: new video shows the three versions

iPhone 11: new video shows the three versions

iphone xi iphone 11 iconWhile the official announcement of future iPhones is fast approaching, we now know what Apple's next phone will look like, at least in outline.

Because yes, the latter should not undergo any major design changes, except that the rear photo modules, which leaves room for a very critical "bump".

To realize the final look of the three versions of the iPhone, the YouTuber MKBHD got their hands on dummy models of the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Max and the iPhone 11R.

Three dummy models of the iPhone 11 / XI

In this 8-minute video, Marques Brownlee reviews the three models, including the back of the phone with the famous area housing the photo modules.

Only the iPhone 11R will differ, opting for only two cameras where the others will have three … On the models, we would also find wireless charging directly on the back of the phone, making it possible to give juice to Qi-compatible devices such as AirPods .

What do you think of the video?

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