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iPhone 11: MobileFun already launches Olixar cases

iPhone 11: MobileFun already launches Olixar cases

iphone xi iphone 11 iconThe image of the day. After a few days not to mention the iPhone 11, there are hulls surfacing on the MobileFun site. Last time, this same site had published a video revealing a protection for camera, specially designed for this future iPhone 11

Cases already ready for the iPhone 11

The dealer MobileFun therefore put on sale the first cases for iPhone 11, signs of the manufacturer Olixar. The opportunity to review the design already widely known by everyone, more than two months before the presentation by Apple.

We find no surprise the three photo sensors on the back, as well as the Lightning port still present. The big news will therefore remain the photo part in a rather unsightly square. For the record, the "big" rear photo block should group three lenses on the iPhone 11 and 11 Max (also called iPhone XI and XI Max) and two lenses on the 11R. This block will also accommodate the LED flash and the microphone.

If Huawei launched fashion last year with its Mate 20, Apple should follow suit, as would Google and its Pixel 4.

Planned for September with few new features, the iPhone 11 looks disappointing, unless Apple brings us other new features such as reverse charging, a reduced notch or a more attractive price.

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