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IPhone 11 got off to a great start

Ah theiPhone 11. Oh, and its Pro and Pro Max versions. Who are they not dreaming of? These apple brand phones are all expensive, but for a very logical reason: they are the best on the market. And this iOS! What a joy to use it every day! In short, the drafting of World is Small as critics around the world are unanimous: this year’s iPhones are indeed little gems. And that, consumers seem to have understood.

According to the analysis firm JP Morgan, specialized in the news of the Californian brand Apple, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro / Max would sell even better than expected. Which turns out to be good news for Apple, since iPhone sales have been at half mast for several months now.

According to figures from the supply chain, the iPhone 11 is selling much more than the 11 Pro models, which should allow Apple to get off on the right foot. At least until the end of the year. The analysis firm expects 64 million iPhone 11 and 11 Pro sold by December 31. A forecast that remains lower than that of our dear friend Ming Chi Kuo, who expects 65 to 75 million sales.