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IPhone 11 concept: what if its screen covers its entire surface?


Posted: February 8, 2019
Updated: February 8, 2019

by Steve

What if future iPhones were just a screen? At a time when we are trying at all costs to remove the borders of phones, IPhone Concepts has just published a beautiful 3D rendering. In a 1 minute and 53 second video, a iPhone 11 imaginary is revealed in all its forms. From its components (photo sensor, battery, chassis, etc.) to its screen that covers the entire phone, everything is described in great detail.

The imagined screen covers the smartphone 360 ​​°. ” There is no right side, no top or bottom edge “, Specifies in the subtitles IPhone Concepts. And to continue: ” This concept reflects all our expectations in terms of smartphone ” And truth be told, it pretty much reflects ours too!

iphone 11 concept - iPhone 11 concept: what if its screen covers its entire surface?

The YouTube channel is not at its first attempt: it has in particular drawn up the concepts of an iPod Touch 7 version 2019, of an “iPhone XE”, of an “iPhone X2” … Imagine the possibilities of ‘such a screen. Admittedly, the slightest shock could be fatal to the long-awaited iPhone 11. But its uses would be greatly multiplied.

So if you support the idea of ​​a borderless phone, with a single screen as a frame, do not hesitate to like and share the video of IPhone Concepts, who could perhaps put the chip in the ear of Apple! 😉