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iPanel: Apple's iTV in production next month?

iPanel: Apple's iTV in production next month?

This is without a doubt the big rumor of the day. According to analyst Peter Misek, the iTV would not be called iTV but iPanel and would be released at the end of the year at a price of $ 1,250. Apple’s television will go into production next month.

The iTV, which has been rumored for months and even years, may not be called iTV, according to analyst Peter Misek. Apple would indeed have difficulty obtaining the name in question since many companies already have rights in most countries, including the English TV channel ITV. Now that you think about it, it's true that it makes sense … The replacement name found by Apple would be none other than iPanel.

According to the analyst, the iPanel will go into production next month. 5 million televisions should be produced by Cupertino, with a view to marketing in 2012. According to information available from Misek, the device would be sold for 1,250 dollars in the USA and would not be limited to a simple television since it would introduce applications , games and media.

The rumor seems plausible to say the least, especially with regard to the name and options of the device. Regarding production, several sources claimed that Apple had started ordering materials for the iPanel some time ago. It remains to be seen when the device could see the light if it is actually in pre-production. The end-of-year period would of course be the most favorable for an outing, but if production starts next month, chances are it will be out around June …

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[Source: Ubergizmo]