iPadOS 13: 4 new features you need to know

iPadOS 13: 4 new features you need to know

During WWDC this summer, Apple announced that the iPad would finally have its own operating system, iPadOS 13. The new iPadOS combines certain aspects of macOS and iOS to create a more tablet-friendly operating system. . If you have updated your iPad to iPadOS 13, get ready to take advantage of these tips!

Quick access

Slide Over to switch between apps

New on iPadOS 13: Slide Over functionality. But how did it work?

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the dock
  2. Hold down the app you want to add Slide Over and drag it to the side of the screen.

You will have to repeat the operation if you want to add other Slide Over applications. You can also slide from the right of the screen to open the Slide Over menu and use the bar at the bottom of the window to scroll through the open applications without losing sight of the main application. You can open any application currently open in Slide Over in full screen by dragging it to the top of the screen.

Multitasking with Split View

The multitasking has also been reworked on iPadOS 13. The Split View allows you to work on two projects at the same time and open several windows of the same application. By selecting a note in the sidebar and dragging it to the side of the screen, you can open it in a new window. The operating system will keep the two windows open at the same time, divided in the middle of the screen. You can then edit the two notes independently. You can also open a third window of the same application, but it is only allowed to split two at a time on the screen.

You do not need to use the same application to use the shared screen. You can easily open, for example, your notes, your email account, and your photos. To do this, drag the app add the shared screen to the bottom of the screen, open the dock and drag it to the side of the screen. It is particularly useful for dragging and dropping photos between different applications.

To exit the Split Screen, drag the screen spider on both sides of the screen, minimizing the application you want to delete.

edit text with gestures

Text editing has never been easy on touchscreen devices, but with iPadOS 13, it becomes easier with the use of gestures. Thus, the new gestures allow you to avoid having to open a menu to cut, copy and paste.

  • To select text, press and hold a word until it is highlighted.
  • Slide your finger on the screen if you want to select other words, quickly highlight sentences or paragraphs.
  • Cut text: pinch three fingers twice in a row
  • Copy text: pinching of three fingers
  • Paste a text: make a reverse gesture, pinch outwards after having selected the point where you want to insert the text.

You can undo your changes by swiping your three fingers to the left if you no longer know where you are. If you accidentally cancel a modification by activating this gesture, you can scroll to the right with three fingers to reactivate the modification.

Type faster with QuickPath

To speed typing on your iPad, you will need to try QuickPath. To open it, pinch the iPad keyboard with two fingers to reduce its size. You can use the bar at the bottom of the keyboard to drag and drop it to another location on the screen.

Now slide your finger on the keyboard to type, like on Android. According to Apple, this system was designed to improve one-hand input on large iPads, because a hand is usually at the bottom of the tablet.

Have you noticed any other interesting features on iPadOS 13?

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