iPad: soon a real competitor to PC games

iPad: soon a real competitor to PC games

ipad classic iconYou know it, Apple has added support for the mouse on iPadOS 13, along with console management. If the function is confined to improve accessibility date, there is reason to believe that the firm the apple could go further in the experience on iPad and come compete with PCs on a point still unmentionable some time ago, video games.

Apple could attract PC gamers on its iPad

Our confrres of CNET quote a certain Cliff Maldonado of the cabinet BayStreet. Daprs, Apple has everything to push this kind of functionality for games and productivity. We agree that the distinction between iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 has allowed Apple tablets to be free and offer a much better experience and closer to their counterparts on Mac. The dock, the multitche and other additions like the support of the mouse and trackpad favors more use grows daily. But it's especially the video games part that could have a boom according to the analyst who sees that ipad is becoming a PC .

To justify his thesis, Cliff explains:

There are three types of games: PC games, console games and mobile games. Apple could have a gaming PC with the iPad thanks to the prowess of the mouse and house chips, and the way they move forward. It could be Apple's first foray into hardcore gaming.

Cliff does not forget Apple Arcade saying this, but for him unlimited service with almost 100 games is more for casual gamers.

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To captivate the hard-core players, it will therefore improve the support of mice and keyboards, something that is already available but not necessarily the game. With iPad that carve the lion's share since their inception and a revival of form since two years, Apple has indeed hurt the builders of laptops, even as the machines of the apple are as powerful and often more attractive rates since liPad 7 starts 359. LiPad Pro when he starts 899 with a chip trendy.

Do you think that Apple could make an incursion into AAA games by opening its iPad in this way? One thing that wanted to do on Mac but never really conclusive.