IPad represents 94% of web traffic on tablets

IPad represents 94% of web traffic on tablets

According to figures from Chitika, which analyzed the number of impressions of its advertisements on tablets, the iPad represents approximately 94% of the world traffic. The Samsung Galaxy, the Kindle Fire, the Asus Transformer Prime or the Playbook only represent a very small percentage of the traffic.

We already knew that the iPad is the best selling tablet, far ahead of the Kindle Fire and the Samsung Galaxy. What we did not know, however, is that it alone represents 94% of web traffic on tablets. This is significantly more than the market share occupied by the Apple tablet. What would explain these results? The fact that other tablets, including the Kindle Fire and the Nook, are mainly used for reading, playing games, or more professional activities, where the iPad is used both professionally and in private life.

Despite everything, the figures remain in perspective, insofar as they nevertheless prove to be clearly higher than the market shares occupied by Apple. Could an error have slipped through there? According to Chitika, no. These are many advertising impressions, attributed by number of visits and by medium. In any case, iPad users would surf the net much more than users of other tablets. Much, much more. The fact remains that a confirmation through a second similar study would not be refused.

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(Source: Ubergizmo)