IPad Pro with revolutionary mini-led screen could arrive as early as March

Could Apple start the era of its mini-LED display products with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro? This is in any case what predicts the Japanese site Mac Otakara, which relies on several sources. He says Apple would present its revolutionary new tablet next March.

IPad Pro 2020

Mini-led screens on Apple products have been talked about for a long time. The first to benefit may well be the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. In any case, this is what several leaks already agree to say. The Japanese site Mac Otakara adds a layer by providing some details on this tablet which is supposed to be released in March.

The site says the 12.9-inch iPad Pro would be 0.5 millimeters shorter than the current iPad Pro. This is in line with a product with a mini-led screen. A panel of this type is indeed thinner than a conventional LCD panel and therefore makes it possible to scrub a few precious millimeters. The 11-inch model would have a similar thickness to the current model, which means that it would not benefit from it. The site also indicates that the photo sensor on the rear would be reworked so as not to come out of the shell and that the speakers will receive a facelift.

The iPad Pro, Apple’s only mini-led product

As a reminder, the mini-led is a technology consisting in placing leds over the entire surface of the slab. It allows to offer a much better brightness, but also a greater respect for colors as well as an extremely high contrast. Finally, its main quality would be its lower power consumption compared to a conventional LCD.The iPad Pro would be the first Apple product to benefit from it. MacBook Pros are expected to follow.

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Mac Otakara also specifies that the “classic” 10.2-inch iPads will benefit from a new design. They will thus go from 7.5 mm thick to 6.3 mm and from 490 grams to 460 grams. However, they will not be equipped with a mini-led panel, the thing being reserved only for the iPad Pro. This is just a visual facelift.

It will therefore be necessary to watch for the next leaks concerning the iPad. The Pro model could mark a very important turning point for Apple, which would embrace a very promising technology here and which would be available on all of its brand’s products in the future.

Source: Mac Otakara