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iPad Pro: what if the 12.9-inch tablet looked like this?

iPad Pro Macbook - iPad Pro : et si la tablette 12,9 pouces ressemblait à cela ?


Posted: March 3 2014
Updated: March 3, 2014

by Youssouf

The person in the image below is not a professional manipulating a model ofiPad Pro 12.9 inches with a stylus. In fact, Apple hasn?t leaked anything recently about the 13-inch iPad Pro on its website.

The image, posted on Apple?s Supplier Responsibility web page and along with other shots of employees working on existing products, simply shows a MacBook laptop cover. However, the photo was the source of a rumor suggesting that it had been uploaded inadvertently ?

iPad Pro Macbook - iPad Pro: what if the 12.9-inch tablet looked like this?What if the 13-inch iPad Pro really looked like a MacBook, transitioning from Apple?s iPad family to their laptop? Current images of the concept of the iPad Pro and videos various designers generally imagine the device as a larger model of iPad, which could work under iOS or OS X (read: iPad Pro: a concept 13 inches under OS X).

Opinions are also divided on the launch date of the iPad Pro this year by the company. Thus, some sources suggest that the tablet will be available by the end of the year and others by early 2015.