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iPad Pro: the touchscreen of certain devices no longer responds!


Posted: April 3 2019
Updated: April 3, 2019

by Steve

Another problem on the devices Apple. This time is theiPad Pro, the flagship of tablets, which has sparked the ire of some Internet users. The large tablet would indeed experience problems with the touch screen: it freezes for a few seconds, without any warning signs. The problem does not come from the iPad, but rather from the screen which no longer reacts to the touch of its user.

ipad pro - iPad Pro: the touchscreen of certain devices no longer responds!

The users concerned have therefore complained on the Apple forums and on the MacRumors forums. Between anger and despair, opinions are linked but do not look like. The fact remains that when some Internet users made an appointment made in an Apple Store, with the guarantee of an iPad exchanged for another functional iPad, some were not so lucky and had to wait for the deployment of ‘an update made in Apple.

The iPad Pro concerned are mainly those released last year. Those dating from 2017 and 2016 are much less affected by this problem, even if it exists. For the moment, nothing and no one knows whether the problem is software or hardware. Apple will have to thoroughly analyze the affected iPads to find out. If the problem is hardware, Apple will bite its fingers and will have to replace a whole range of tablets. For the moment, no reaction from the brand to the apple has filtered.