iPad Pro 2021: Apple would launch the first tablet with mini LED screen in Q1 2021

The first iPad Pro with mini LED screen would be launched during the first quarter of 2021. The launch was to take place before the end of 2020, but the company seems to have been forced by the pandemic to postpone its release.

iPad Pro 2021 mini LED
Credit: Unsplash

If there is an Apple product expected to date, it is the next iPad Pro 2021. Apple is indeed expected to unveil its next LCD screen technology called mini LED. The method promises to deliver practically the same contrasts as OLED technology, while taking advantage of a larger color space, keeping costs at reasonable levels.

OLED technology remains expensive for this screen format, and does not yet provide colorimetric precision equivalent to what the best LCD technologies offer. The mini LED technology in this respect resembles, on paper at least, Samsung’s QLED technology. Going beyond: several tens of thousands of white LEDs will provide the backlighting, allowing particularly precise local dimming.

The iPad Pro mini LED will arrive in Q1 2021

We expected that the first iPad Pro with a mini LED screen to be launched before the end of 2020. According to Apple Insider, it seems that the company was constrained by the coronavirus pandemic – difficulties which would now be resolved. Analyst Fan Chin-Yung at Epistar now believes that “Mini LED chip deliveries will start contributing to consolidated revenues in the first quarter of 2021”.

This therefore anticipates a launch before the end of the next three months. The mini LED screen should quickly be found in other products of the firm. We think in particular of macs computers, which could benefit from the lower consumption of this component compared to current LCD technologies. The addition would in any case be in the tones of machines already very gifted in terms of autonomy.

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We note in passing that the biggest brands are currently advancing in dispersed order on screen technologies. In addition, OLED displays are still struggling to catch up with PCs – although it is noted that Samsung has decided to tackle the subject head on.