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iPad Pro 2020: a 3D camera on the back?

ipad pro iconIf photography is far from being the first function of a tablet, Apple seems to still give importance to this criterion in a market that Apple fully mastered.

According to the latest rumors, the new version of the iPad Pro hriterait triple photo sensor than the iPhone 2019, which will be presented in September.

A check that could be made in the month of October, when Apple could formalize the new version of its tablet … But, following this path, we could also anticipate the fact that the iPad version 2020 would follow again the smartphone, and therefore grafted a 3D camera.

ipad pro a12

The iPad Pro 2020 could benefit from a 3D camera

According to The Elec, Apple would like to strike a blow by presenting this famous 3D camera on his iPhone 2020, also placing them on the Pro version of his tablet in the crowd.

what will this sensor serve? Simply allow the device to re-imagine itself in the room, taking into account obstacles and different elements present, which would serve for the reality increases.

This is the coren Derkwoo Electronics that would be in charge of some of the sensor components, stating that the new tablets would come out in March 2020.

A rumor to take with tweezers, but all the same plausible …


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