IPad owners are disgusted

IPad owners are disgusted

News iPadThe release of the fourth generation di'Pad has struggled with some Apple consumers. The California glove has advanced its usual schedule with the latest version of the tablet, its risks and prils?

In the announcement on Tuesday, a survey was launched with iPad owners about their feelings about the new model. Out of more than 2,000 responses, 50% are uncomfortable and they feel unclear.

Surprisingly, this feeling is also shared by the owners of the previous generations of the iPad, with 45% of displeasure for the 2 and still 40% for the first.

Toluna QuickSurveys has also benefited from the polls on the desire to acquire the version mini and their response is rather enthusiastic. 15% are certain to buy it and 32% will probably.


In contrast, the Mini (40%) comes behind the Kindle Fire (46%) but far ahead of the Nexus (14%)

Small info, some shops abroad seem ready to change the iPad 3 bought less than a month ago, against an iPad 4. If you're in this case, maybe try calling your Apple Store to inquire.