iPad Mini: released today in France!

iPad mini - iPad mini : l


Posted: November 2 2012Updated: November 2, 2012

by Martin

Apple’s iPad Mini hits stores across the country this Friday. At the same time, Samsung announced very good sales for its Galaxy Note II, one of its direct competitors.

iPad mini - iPad Mini: release today in France!

The iPad mini, unveiled on October 23 at the last Apple Keynote and announced not as a “Reduced iPad”, but one completely new design, by Philip Schiller, Apple’s marketing manager, will be marketed from 339 euros from today.

Samsung, meanwhile, took the opportunity to put pressure on the firm with the apple by publishing remarkable figures: 3 million Galaxy Note II passed. Marketed in a hundred pays, the Galaxy Note II should sell 3 times better that the Galaxy Note on the first 3 months after launch, ensures Samsung. For the record, the group had sold approximately 2 million copies of the Galaxy Note in the first three months after its release in November 2010. He had sold more than 10 million units end of September, before the launch of his successor.

After the tablet war, the mini-tablet war!

And you, are you going to buy the iPad Mini?