iPad Mini: a big iPod Touch with special edges

iPad Mini: a big iPod Touch with special edges

iPad Mini: a big iPod Touch with special edges – iPhone Soft

IPad newsAs seen yesterday, the arrival of the iPad Mini has never been officially confirmed by anyone. Yet dozens of props and rumors appear every week.

Our colleagues 9to5mac offer a gallery of images representing the iPad 7 inches according to different rumors but also according to the accessories they received from manufacturers.

There is a kind of iPod Touch with thinner edges. Besides, the edges of the long sides are finer than those of the short sides. A priori this would improve the grip.

ipad mini-7-85


You will tell me : still concepts …. Yes but after exposing the clichés, the American site has reviewed the various rumors he had relayed the past weeks and the site ThinkiOS revealed patterns concerning this iPad mini.

The dimensions of the iPad (screen 7.85 inches) and those of the cases correspond to the latest information of the day.

In addition, there was already a front / rear camera, a smaller dock connector …

So you believe you too in this iPad mini?

ipad-mini mockup

ipad-mini mockup

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