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iPad Air: new advertisement called “Your Verse”

spot iPad Your Verse - iPad Air : nouvelle publicité intitulée


Posted: January 14 2014Updated: January 14, 2014

by Youssouf

Apple just launched a new TV ad for theiPad Air first aired during the NFL playoffs last weekend.

The 90-second spot features a speech by Robin Williams from the movie Dead Poets Society and shows that the Apple?s tablet can be used in a variety of industries, such as film, mountaineering, diving or even music. In parallel, Apple launched on its website an eponymous space to share stories of advertising iPad users.

iPad Your Verse spot - iPad Air: new ad called

Apple therefore uses this second advertisement to show the wide variety of ways to use the iPad at work and everyday. As a reminder, the first, launched in October during the launch of the iPad Air, praised the usefulness of the tablet in classrooms, meeting rooms, expeditions and in space. A dedicated space on its website (?Life on iPad?) had also been set up.