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iPad Air (2019): Apple launches repair program for black screen problem

Apple is launching a repair program for the 3rd generation iPad Air (released in March 2019). The program in question concerns the screen of these iPads which turns black.

“Apple has determined that, under certain circumstances, the screens of a limited number of iPad Air (3rd generation) devices may become permanently black. Screen may flash or flicker briefly before going black ”, indicates the manufacturer on its site. The Californian indicates that affected devices were manufactured between March 2019 and October 2019.

Repair is obviously free for all models affected by this concern. Apple takes the opportunity to announce thatno other iPad model is eligible for this program.

To repair a 3rd generation iPad Air affected by this problem, you can go to an Apple Store or go to an Apple authorized service center. In addition, you can contact Apple Customer Service to schedule a repair by mail.

Finally, Apple says that this program covers the iPad Air (3rd generation) concerned during the two years following the first retail sale of the product.