iPad 3: the first photos revealed?

iPad 3: the first photos revealed?

The Asian site MIC Gadgets offers, photos in support, a comparison of the iPad 2 with the alleged next generation of the device. Info or intox ?

While Apple should announce the arrival of the third generation of its iPad in early March, the Asian site MIC Gadgets, it, today attracts attention by offering photos where we can observe a comparison of the rear shell of the iPad 2 with that of its alleged successor. It's unclear whether the device below the iPad 2 is truly the third generation of Apple's tablet. Anyway, several pieces of information are revealed.

First, the iPad 3 is said to be thicker than its predecessor (an additional 1 1.5 mm). A bigger thickness which could result in the integration of a new battery – more powerful – adapted to the new A6 processor which could be of Quad Core type.

Then the edges of the device would now be more rounded. A change in shape that could help the user not to feel a noticeable difference from the thickest.

Finally, this greater thickness could also herald the arrival of a better photo sensor in the iPad. It must be admitted that the iPad 2 photo sensor has due to its poor performance. Apple could take advantage of the update of its product to optimize this specification. We could count on the arrival of a photo sensor similar to the performance of the iPhone 4, a photo sensor of 45 million pixels.

Confirmation of this information is expected in three weeks.

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(Source: MIC Gadget )