iPad 2: a dual display resolution?

While rumors of the past few weeks say the next-generation iPad screen will not be doubled in terms of display resolution, new information has shown the contrary.

It is based on the conclusions published on Twitter by @StroughtonSmith through @Xuzz that one would now think that Apple could finally double the display resolution of the next iPad. The display would still not be supported by a Retina-type display (300 DPI) but we would almost be there …

The sources of this information estimate that the display resolution of the next iPad could be 2048 × 1536 pixels (260DPI), double the current resolution. This approach could prove more practical for Apple on the one hand, to avoid fragmenting their product range and on the other hand, with the aim of making the work of developers as much as possible, which will have to adapt their applications with “the new screen”. ”.

This would explain why the Cupertino company would offer, in the first beta version of iOS 4.3, an update to the graphics processor drivers (GPU) of the iPad that would now support this display resolution.

Finally, this information is further reinforced when we learn that the iBooks v1.2 application would accidentally integrate illustrations with pixels double compared to the original size and destination of a certain … iPadx2.

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Via MacRumors.