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IP Cam Viewer

IP Cam Viewer is an application for monitoring via IP camera (s). The application exists for iOS and Android in a Lite version (free with advertising and without recording or audio) and Pro (without any limitation).

Concretely, the app allows the connection and display of a matrix of cameras. Note that you must first make them accessible by correctly configuring your router (in particular port forwarding).

The application supports more than 750 camera models from a large number of brands, RTSP, H.264, MPEG4, ONVIF input formats, two-way audio (half-duplex) as well as the SSL protocol. If necessary, the application will be able to record the streams transmitted by the cameras.

Although the interface is quite austere and the menu does not jump out at first sight, it is clear that the use of the application is relatively simple (for a relatively technical area). We will only regret not being able to configure IP Cam Viewer in French.