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iOS would be the only system flawed on SMS

iOS would be the only system flawed on SMS

Contrary to Apple's suggestion, the flaw allowing usurping the sender's number of an SMS is very specific to its system, according to researchers.


Rebound in the case of the SMS flaw recently discovered in iOS by a hacker. While Apple had hinted that this flaw affected all mobile phones, it seems that it is specific to Apple’s mobile operating system. In any case, this is what Cathal McDaid, consultant to the security firm AdaptiveMobile, claims.

In the display of an SMS, iOS thus shows the reply field contained in an SMS and not the one sent by. It is possible to create false messages in the reply field usurp, to make believe an SMS from a bank for example, without the user not tricking it.

We tested the problem on Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Symbian phones. Most of them simply ignore the reply field or display both fields (sent by and reply) as recommended by the specifications . And McDaid to add, the iphone, for the moment, is the only terminal not to submit to these security recommendations .

Despite the fact that the SMS service remains the most used means of communication between users of mobile phones, the American glove recommends its customers to use its iMessage service which it considers significantly more reliable in terms of security. However, it remains to be seen whether the Cupertino company will soon be offering an update which will be able to close this loophole and therefore strengthen security around SMS?

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(Via CNET )