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iOS: pro-Android claim functionality specific to the iPhone

Apple will always be envious. Starting with some “pro-Android” who, on Reddit, wonder about the features of iOS that could, and should, benefit their phones. Created on February 5, the thread is enjoying great popularity with more than 1,600 comments at the time of writing.

The first of the envied areas is the ecosystem ofiOS : ” One of the things I would like an Android smartphone to do as well as an iPhone is compatibility… The iPhones associated with other Apple devices work instantly and without having to configure everything, it’s almost magical “Explains guyaneseboi23, the initiator of the subject.

crying android - iOS: pro-Android claim functionality specific to the iPhone

The silent button. One Plus has integrated it, but I would really like other brands to do it Hopes Yoggi-booboo. ” On the iPhone X, when you swipe up in an app, it follows your finger precisely, going up and down and left to right with your thumb “, Says another internet user. In short, it is the sense of detail of Apple that regret the pro-Android.

I would like Android to offer the same software support as iOS “,” Features for the disabled! “,” Uniformly designed applications “,” Airdrop “,” Its battery! “,” IMessage », Can we read all along the thread. In short, if you want Android to do as well as iOS, the best is still to pass on iPhone.