iOS is more secure than Android

iOS is more secure than Android

The operating system for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad: iOS, is more secure than its competitor: Android. This is what emerges from a study conducted by the company Symantec, specializes in IT security. iOS is therefore described as very secure and Android as not very secure.

This 23-page analysis takes into account the faults discovered (more than 200 since 2007) and the possible faults to come. Thus, iOS stands out for better protection against attacks via a web browser, against malware, against data loss via an attack or system integrity.

This increased protection for iOS is made possible by the application validation process that Apple has put in place for iOS developers. However, this report highlights that the core of the Android system is much better insulated than that of iOS against most existing attacks.

Symantec obviously only takes into account non-jailbreak iPhones. Indeed, the origin of third-party applications available via Cydia is no longer controlled.

Are iPhones better suited for businesses?

Apple has made great efforts since 2007 to shine in business and this analysis conducted by Symantec confirms this.

Data in iOS, in addition to being encrypted (for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4), cannot share information without the user's consent (location data, address book). In addition, access to SMS and the telephone directory on iOS is impossible via a web attack or via malware as stated in Symantec.

However, the weak point of the iOS and Android operating systems remains the synchronization of data with online services (calendars, data, address book, etc.). In fact, your data is exposed to attacks that are not specifically carried out against your smartphone and this no longer guarantees the control that you can have over this data.

The Android operating system is experiencing many more improvements than computer operating systems, but it has one major flaw:

Security depends on the choice of the user: when you decide to install an application, you must confirm that you trust the source from which you install this application. It is possible for an Android developer to publish an application anonymously. It is therefore easy to inject malware by deceiving user confidence.

Although smartphones were designed to be safe, they were primarily made for the consumer market, which inevitably leads to security concerns.

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