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iOS: how to become a member of the bta-testing program

iOS: how to become a member of the bta-testing program

Anyone can join the apple operating systems beta test program.

Before rolling out its updates, Apple releases beta versions of all of its software. The first to benefit are the developers. They can thus discover in preview the new features of the updates and adapt their apps accordingly, but their role is also to identify and report possible bugs and security vulnerabilities. A few days later, it was the turn of members of Apple's beta software program. Anyone can join the program for free.

The objective of this program is the same as for developer btas; Identify and report potential Apple security concerns and vulnerabilities. So it's not just about getting the latest updates before everyone else. People joining the beta testing community must complete a beta assessment, indicating bugs, concerns and flaws discovered.

Join the program

The procedure to become a beta-tester is very simple. You just need to register on the ddi website using your Apple IDs and indicate the products you have available to test the new Apple operating systems (iOS, macOS, tvOS, ipadOS). After which, when a beta update becomes available, you should receive a notification on your device prompting you to download it.

Savehis device

Note that installing a beta version on your device involves risks for the latter, but also for the files saved on it, given that it is a version of the software that is not yet fully completed. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is therefore advisable make a backup of your device and archive the document.

After backing up your device, you can archive the file. From a Mac, after creating a backup, click Manage backups to archive it.

Profile download

Once you have backed up your device, go to the site your device to download the configuration profile for your Apple product. All you have to do is install and follow the installation instructions on the screen.

Installation of btas

When a new bta becomes available, you will receive a notification. You can then install it by going to the Settings from your device, General then, Software update and select the version bta installer.


The beta-testing program is an opportunity for Apple to appeal to its community to ensure that its operating systems are ready for public launch. This is why beta testers are invited to complete a beta evaluation. This will facilitate the work of the Californian firm. It also receives an anonymized report automatically.

If you prefer to avoid this report being sent to the American company, it is possible. See you in the Settings, Confidentiality, Diagnostics and uses and select Do not send.