iOS becomes "the favorite" of American administrations

iOS becomes "the favorite" of American administrations

If we believe Agilex Technologies, mentalities would be evolving in American federal administrations. While RIM (with its Blackberry) has been the preferred in these circles so far, an interest for iOS (the iPhone but especially the iPad) is growing.

The interest in products with the apple brand would be justified for their ease of use described as "far superior" what the Blackberry offers, from the moment when its user would like to do something other than to collect his emails.

Some analysts say that RIM is currently being chased by Apple and believes that the Canadian company should seek to tend the functionality and ergonomic side of its products rather than focus on the security of their OS.

Finally, if Apple becomes “the darling” of large American administrations (this is already the case for NASA, for example), this transition may take some time since it depends on the renewal of devices which can sometimes take years , according to the budgets allocated by sector.

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(Source: Washington Post )