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iOS accounts for 52% of Internet surfing on smartphones

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In late 2011, the market share of Internet surfing on iOS mobile phones decreased considerably. Apple now occupies only 52% of the market, whereas it occupied 61.5% last October.

According to Net Applications figures, iOS would occupy 52% of the Internet surfing market on “mobile phones” in December 2011. Java would come second with 21.3%, followed closely by Android.

In the past two months, iOS has therefore lost nearly 10% of market share, from 61.5% in October to 54% in November. If the support continues to lose ground on its competitors, it nonetheless records a less significant drop than last month.

With so many fluctuations in this constantly changing market, Apple is also struggling to stabilize. Last February, the company held, for example, 46.6% of the market share. A few months later, it had increased its shares considerably, before losing ground in the last months of the year. This loss of points is directly attributed to the increase in Android and Java, which are getting a bit of a bang from the start.

At the iOS level, the iPhone would still represent 25.2% of all market shares in the “mobile phones” market, while the iPad would follow closely with 2.5%.

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Source: AppleInsider